Pet Enclosures

The photos below depict a rabbit hutch, which measures 5 ft. in length, 2 ft. in depth and 42″ in height.  The frame was constructed of 2″ X 4″ lumber because the client intends to place a fish tank on top of the structure.  The top of the frame is resting on 7 vertical 2″ X 4″ posts for added stability.  There is screening on 3 sides.  The top, back and bottom are made of plywood.  There is a shelf inside with a ramp.  There is a door in the middle panel.


In the photos below, you can see the structure from different angles.  The wire screening is attached to the structure with a heavy duty staple gun.

The edges of the screening are covered by small pieces of lumber to protect the rabbit from the sharp edges.  You can see one of these pieces at the bottom right below attached between the 2 X 4’s.