Step 4 – Walls

The next step is to attach the walls to the posts.  I approached this task by first attaching a  horizontal 2″ X 4″ between 2 posts at the top and the bottom, which you can see in the photo below.  Once the posts were attached to the horizontal 2″ X 4″ cross pieces, the frame was completely secure.  Now, the vertical 1″ X 6″ pieces of lumber can be screwed to the top and bottom 2″ X 4″ to form the walls.


Note on privacy: an important consideration is the height of the walls for privacy concerns.  In this example, there is a low deck not far from the shower enclosure.  So, I needed to make sure a tall person standing on the deck would not be able to look over the wall into the shower.  This situation caused me to make the walls 6 ft tall.

In the photos above, you can see how the sides are attached.  On the left, you can see the wall siding resting on a horizontal piece of lumber attached to a 2″ X 4″.  Screws attach the wall siding to this 2″ X 4″.  The right photo shows the wall siding attached to the top 2″ X 4″ with screws.  The metal brackets that are partially hidden were used to secure each horizontal 2″ X 4″ to the post.

In the photo, below 2 walls are up.  Note how temporary lumber is still being used to secure the structure.


The bottom photo shows all 3 walls installed.  Notice the top brace with the orange level on it in the center of the shower.  This simple brace will provide added stability by connecting the structure to the wall.